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Social Media and opportunities (by Unszene)

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I just had to share this- I came home so jazzed from today!

Today's Demo Report-

Social media really is one of the best things that's happened to game culture. A friend of mine on Facebook "liked" a new game store in the Indianapolis area, so I checked them out. I sent them a message and told them I was part of Cool Mini or Not's volunteer group THE LEGION, and asked if they would like me to run some demos in their store. They were indeed interested, so we set a date for me to demo ZOMBICIDE and KAOSBALL. The store is an hour away, so we arranged to do both games on the same day. This shop did it right. They posted it on Facebook,twitter, and created an event for it on their website

I drove down today and when I arrived at the store, I was met with enthusiasm by Dan,the co-owner(or "henchman" on their business card). I got set up, and people just started showing up.People actually came to the store JUST to demo these games! There was also a Magic the Gathering draft event going on, and some casual play. This game me the chance to talk to these players, and everyone was AWESOME!

Overall it was a FANTASTIC demo day. I met some people who are sure to end up good friends. We talked all day about promoting the scene around their store, and in the area. For a brand new store these guys hit the ground running. I can't wait to go back next month and showoff some more games.

Experiences like the one I had today are why I AM LEGION.

Thanks for reading, Legion friends! Don't be afraid to reach out. Good things lie outside of our comfort zone!

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  1. 3Dpoke's Avatar
    thats awesome!

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