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Salt City Gladiator Games

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Salt City Gladiator Games
2014 Event will be October 24-25 at the Legacy Events Center in Farmington, UT.
This is the first grand tournament of its size to be held in Utah and covers a variety of TCG and tabletop games. Covering the course of two days we will match worthy opponents against each other to see who wins the top victory.

Warmachine and Hordes Events
Warhammer 40K Events
Magic the Gathering Events
Painting Competition

Limited to 10
VIPs will get early access to events registration and a guaranteed slot for whichever tournament they are interested in. At the event VIPs will have special access to drinks and snacks in the registration area and get a swag bag (details coming soon).
On Friday VIPs will join the Salt City Gladiators crew as we go out to dinner and discuss all the events of the day. *We will pay for the meal but alcoholic drinks will be on your tab.

Weekend Pass:
$40 Pre-Registration
$50 Day of event
This pass will get you in the event both Friday and Saturday and access to events registration. You will need a weekend pass to play in any of the tournaments at the event.

Magic: The Gathering Pass:
This pass is good for both Friday and Saturday and for those ONLY looking to participate in the Magic Tournament. This pass will not get you into the 40k or WM/H tournaments.

Salty Dwarf Painting Competition
See event's page for details.
We are glad to help host the 2nd Salty Dwarf Painting Competition.

Not only will you go home knowing that you helped support a great event but for some of you lucky gladiators there will also be a trophy to put on your mantle. For the 40K and four main Warmachine/Hordes tournaments we will have trophies for the top 3 players. Also for Salty Dwarf folks we will also have trophies for you paint brush gladiators. I should also mention that along with trophies we will also have a cash prize too.

Any questions feel free to contact us at

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