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I finally finished one!

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<p>I finally finished&nbsp;a whole mini.&nbsp; I paint slow.&nbsp; I just can't seems to call something done.&nbsp; That's why I do competitions.&nbsp; I have a deadline and have to call something done by a certain date.&nbsp; In this case it was a mini for a small monthly competition at a group on Ebay.&nbsp; I'm especially pleased with this one because the whole thing gelled so easily.</p><p>What some people don't know (those who have followed the WIP of the mini) is that I had a real father and son in mind when I started the scene.&nbsp; No, not Mr C and Alex.&nbsp; It would have been a completely different story depicted if I had done that.&nbsp; More of the father training the son how to fightm I think.&nbsp; Nope, this is of a really good friend of mine and depicts how I see the emotional attchment between him and his son.&nbsp; He absolutly adores his son and the idea of having to be away from him for any amount of time seems to cause him actual pain.&nbsp; It's very sweet to see but if you confronted him with it he'd brush it off with a joke.&nbsp; So this is for them.</p><p>Now that I've got the mushy part of the blog over with, WOO HOO!&nbsp; I finished a mini in a month!&nbsp; That has to be some kind of a record for me!&nbsp; Now I have to shift focus.&nbsp; I have a commission I have to do that I've been getting the evil eye about while I worked on this mini so I have to finish one of the 4 minis in the box for this very soon.&nbsp; So all of you who play Warmachien and are up on the fluff behind the Protectorate of menoth please fill me in.&nbsp; I know absolutly nothing about the game and need help with basing ideas.</p><p>All in all it's been a fairly good week but I don't like weekends much.&nbsp; I do need to say that my son is doing brilliantly in his new school, having aced every test he's taken since the change.&nbsp; Mr C is doing well, as is work abd things are humming along sweetly right now.&nbsp; I'm looking forward to the Christmas season for many reasons this year and early next year looks like some fun things will happen so I'm content right now!</p>

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  1. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    I feel yolur pain liz. I am working on my Rotten Harvest entry now, and I am shocked that it will be done either today or tomorrow. Its so rare that I actually finish a mini, I am celebrating with you as I am a kindred spirit in this regard.
  2. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    I'm welling up here. The sentiment is lovely. The mini turned out well. As for the warmachine stuff, sorry, can't help you there. I've only ever seen the minis online and once in the real world; but I was busy with a game of 40k to learn anything. Tracy & family of course will be able to help you there. Glad things seem to be going so well for you and your family at the moment. Long may it continue.

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