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Big Maks mission

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Welcome all to my page, I am new to cmon although have been using the site images as a resource for the past year or two. I have been a big fan of games workshop minis since i was at school. Starting out with space hulk, space crusade and a lot of warhammer 40k skirmish scale battles. As i grew I concentrated more on the painting side of the hobby, and after a long break of 10 years plus I am now painting again. A lot has changed, and 50% of my paints had dried up but I was ready for a new painting challenge. My stepsons have now started collecting space marines and tau respectively so I dug out my old orks and built a battlescape for us to fight over.

The plastic minis have improved tenfold now, even making some of the old white metal models that I had left to paint look a bit weak. I treated myself to a handful of new paints with completely different names and tried to remember what techniques I had learned in the white dwarf eavy metal pages.
So I knuckled down to some green tide batch painting and spent a few days on an aobr warboss to lead them. I didnt like the deffkopta models much, so did not paint them. Opting instead to paint models that are aesthetically pleasing, not the ones that would lead me to be victorious as a gamer. Not to be concerned with winning battles but enjoying the spectacle of fielding an army that has been thoughtfully sculpted and painted.

However despite my enjoyment of the painting, the orks did seem to get repeatedly blasted off the board by opposing armies. Still not to be outdone, I have continued to write army lists for and help assemble new models for the boys to destroy my boyz with. Being beaten by a nine year old tau general has knocked confidence in the orks fighting spirit, but one resounding victory against the space marines gave us a reason to keep battling.
So to continue to add a splash of colour to my own models, and those of my offsprings armies has become my mission for now. As well as enjoying charging onto the battlefield in true orky style with no real forethought just a thirst for space marine blood. The desire to get within a few feet of that broadside, tear off the armour shell and pull out the little alien inside and punch him in the face! waaaarrgh

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