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Beginning Miniatures... Again!

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Mission:Win an award at a Golden Demon ContestPainting/Converting Skill Status: Ignorantly NewBackground: First, let me start by saying that I am 30 years old. The last time I truly washeavy in to mini's was in high school over 12 years ago. Since then, I joinedthe Army, got married and had three children. Needless to say, the time I coulddedicate to my geek roots was severely diminished. But recently, I came acrossa few battle boxes of Games Workshop minis on the cheap, and it rekindled the fireof geekness that was always smoldering in the background. Deciding that the time to indulge my geek tendencies was long overdue, Icleaned up the already painted minis with simple green and a tooth brush andset to work. I painted them and they turned out alright. But after thinkingabout it, I was unsatisfied with alright.In fact, I would still be unsatisfied with good.I crave GREAT.But where do I go to find the skills that I need, how do I find the balancebetween a demanding job, family and my unsuppressed geekness?????Obviously I turned to YouTube and blogs and I came across a very popular onethat chronicles the divested interest of a noob in to his creation ofMagmatrax. This was so powerfully inspiring to me that I decided then and thereI was going to follow in his footsteps.Magmatrax was a creation to win a Golden Demon award, and my pursuit ofgreatness compels me to take it a step further. After reading up on GoldenDemon events, I learned that the diorama entry is often the most difficultbecause it is the only entry that Games Workshop employees are allowed to enter.Challenge accepted!Henceforth I will be chronicling my own discoveries as a novicepainter/converter with minimal skills on my quest to snatch the Golden Demonfrom the clutches of my formidable Games Workshop adversaries. I decree hereand now, with everyone vested in CoolMiniOrNot as my witness, that I will notstop until I have fulfilled my goal!

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  1. MAXXxxx's Avatar
    Good luck in your quest.
    Just a little info: since 2014 there is no GD in the us (or basically anywhere else), just one in the UK.
  2. SteelGauntlet's Avatar
    Whoa!??? Are there any other similar competitions????
  3. SteelGauntlet's Avatar
    After futher investigation of this site, I discovered that CoolMinisOrNot has their own competition that sounds way cooler! And seeing as how the next competition is so soon, I'll have a little over a year to try out for the next one!

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