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Demihuman's DemiWIP

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This is a fun recipe for warm gold NMM: from dark to light, Reaper Master Series, Walnut Brown, Russet Brown, Oiled Leather, Golden Blonde. With drops of sunlight yellow in the browns and Oiled leather and glazes of Golen Acrylic inks Nickel Azo Gol ( AKA quinacrione... I guess)

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Thanks guys. Thanks BFoK. Something is still not working for me on the NMM I tried some SENMM and am not really happy with that either so i think I am going to try some different colors for the "gold". As it is I fee the gold is a little too warm maybe? So I am going to go see if I can't cook up a little better recipe. Here is a pick of my SENMM try-out though:

I think SENMM is pretty fun and maybe easier than NMM Try it out! Especially nice on cylindrical objects.

And BFoK, here is my paints for the gold:

Basing with the Oiled leather, then adding a drop of yellow to the browns, Painting my gradients, then glazing with the orange-y artist ink. With spots of pure white and black. It's a good recipe but I feel like it's not working with the greens and yellows i already have. Hoping to enter these guys in a real life competition this summer so I want to get them right

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