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So, I'm going to start this blog, hopefully this will force me to be more productive in my modeling and painting.

First a little bit about me. I'm fairly new to the world of miniatures and have lots to learn ( i have a feeling most of this blog will end up being about me trying new things, more then finished nice projects) I've always like modeling since i was younger, I grew up with those snap together kits and the glue ones that in the hands of a 10 year old always get f#%$ed up, and Gunpla models that are still a fun thing I pick up at the conventions from time to time.

I took a hiatus over my many years of HS and college. The latter of which i finished in Dec. of last year. Realizing that the only thing left to procrastinate on is bills once I left school, i found i needed a hobby. That led me to my local Games Workshop store that was a couple blocks down from my new appt. and I realized how much easier it is to build and paint them when you aren't 12 years old. Thus began my expensive trip into the world of miniatures.

As of this writing i have a decent sized Black Templar army, half of which is painted. A small army of skeletons from the Vampire Counts army. I bought a mini off of here which i have constructed but am to afraid to even prime it; and i am in the middle of painting some Tau fire warriors that I will probably post WIP pictures on here when i get a chance tonight.
I may also post sketches and other ideas i have for dioramas in the future as well.
All feedback is welcome, and appreciated.

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