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Starting a blog - Circle orboros

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Hello there! I started a new blog to document my journey into the world of Warmachine and Hordes. This blog will also help me try to improve my English. You may find some grammatical errors and I strongly encourage you to tell me how to correct them. Thanks a lot!

Getting into Hordes

I finally could not resist buying one of the all in one army box. I'm already far behind painting both my Khador and Cygnar armies, but these boxes were too much of a deal to not at least grab one. A new box would also be a good starting point for this blog since I did not take many pictures while painting my other armies.
I do not know anything about the Hordes side of Warmachine, not like I know much about Warmachine either having maybe 4-5 games max playing Khador vs Cygnar or the more challenging Cygnar vs Khador. Yeah, I only have two armies and I forced a friend of mine and my brother to play against me. Anyway, enough about my lack of nerdy friends and back to the box.
Time to pick a faction

It was between the Skorne, Trollbloods and Circle all in one. Legion was out of the equation because I do not like the look of this faction.
I loved the Skorne Titans models, but I was not a fan of the "undead" kind of look of the swordsman nor the cyclops model. When I looked online, I saw The Agonizer, which is from what I read, an almost auto include in every list. There was no way I would paint that model without feeling guilty hurting a baby elephant. That sealed the deal on that box.
Trollbloods looked nice, but I was afraid the gameplay might be too similar to Khador. Also, the Scottish pattern looked liked it was a pain to paint and that it would take way too much time to complete the box.
Last but not least, Circle Orboros. Both heavies looked nice. The Stalker looked like a fun project to paint and the Satyr too. The only model I do not like is the Lord of the Feast. His stance is weird. He looks nonchalant. He's got that "I don't want to be here" kind of vibe with a weird back angle. Putting that aside, everything else looked good and after reading a bit about how Circle is played, I liked it. So I went to my FLGS and ordered the box.
The box

One week later, I got it in all it's glory. My own Circle Orboros box.

Let's go straight to the fun part and talk about what is in the box.
Warlock Kromac the Ravenous

The warcaster of this 35-point army. Comes with 2 models, one in his beast form and the other for his human form. Mainly plastic but some parts are in the old metal.
Warpwolf Stalker Heavy Warbeast

Heavy warbeast kit. Contains all three variants. It can be assembled into a Feral, Warpwolf or Pureblood. I will magnetize it, well, I will try and show how I did it in a future post. This will be the first model that I will work on.
Gnarlhorn Satyr Heavy Warbeast

Also the heavy kit with the 3 variants: Gnarlhorn, Riphorn and Shadowhorn. This one will also be magnetized and will probably be the second model I will work on. Not sure yet since this army will face both my Khador and Cygnar that are at only 25-points.
Shifting Stones Unit and Stone Keeper Unit Attachment

The shifting stones are all metal. Sadly, all 3 bases were missing in the package. I will have to go buy some small bases in the near future. I could open a miss pack ticket over at Privateer Press, but it would take at least 2-3 weeks before getting the bases so I will buy some instead. They are like 45 cents a pop.
Gorax Light Warbeast

I love this model stance. Looks like it's ready to smash things with its crazy looking face. I'm not a fan of the greenish skin, I'm not sure yet about the color I will use for this model..
Tharn Blood Pack Unit

A full unit of Tharn Blood Pack all in plastic. This will probably be assembled after the warlock and both heavy beasts. They look awesome but I haven't read the stat card yet so I'm not sure if they are any kind of good.
Lord of the Feast Solo

The ugliest model of the box. This will be the last one I will be working on. Not sure yet if I will follow the color scheme from the Circle gallery
Pocket rule book

The box comes with a small Hordes rulebook. Almost half the size of the official rule book. It contains only the core rules, no fluff, no gallery of models. This is kinda cool. I already have the full Warmachine rulebook and it takes a big place on my table when I'm playing with a friend and the size/number of pages is a bit scary for a new player. This smaller version will probably help me a lot convincing my friends that this game is simple in its complexity.
Strategy cards and what to buy next

Finally, there is 2 strategy cards. The first one talks about the army and how to use some of the units. It's not like a battle college page. It's really a general description of the army and the units. I was a bit disappointed since I expected something more complex like some movements shenanigans that you could do with the stones. Guess I will have to go on Youtube for more in-depth guides.
The second card is a "what you should buy next" guide and it contains 2 lists that would be great with the models from the battle box. It's a nice addition to the box and can help a new player to build another list without having to think about synergies between the different models.
In conclusion

I'm fairly happy with my purchase. For the price, it was a huge bargain and a great starting point for a Circle army. The only downside was the missing small bases for the shifting stones. Miss packaging can happen and I'm lucky I'm not missing any model parts.
Next up, assembly and painting starting with the Warpwolf kit!

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