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Circle Orboros - Magnetizing the warpwolf kit

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The clean up

First and foremost, I had to do some minor clean up on the model. I'm really not a good mold line spotter and it's the part that I hate doing. When I think it's cleaned, I prime it and bam, trillions of mold lines appears out of nowhere. I have to be more meticulous about that. At least, there were no major gaps to fill with green stuff. I'm seriously horrible at sculpting things. I cannot for the life of me do something that will make the gap seamless. It just ends up looking ugly, patchy and scattered with my fingerprints.

As an alternative, I bought some Citadel Liquid Greenstuff. For small gaps and minor touch up, this stuff is amazing. It takes 2-5 diluted coats to be perfect, but it's so much easier to work with than the traditional greenstuff.

Enough with my sculpting woes, let's move to the fun part, magnetizing that Werewolf.

Tools of the trade
Magnets: I bought on amazon 50 Neodymium Rare Earth Super Magnets 1/8 x 1/16 in. (3x1.5mm) for like 9$. I was not sure about the size for a heavy beast, but it fits perfectly and they hold the pieces together strongly enough.

Super glue: Your go-to super glue. Personally, I use Lepage gel control. The tip that dispenses the glue is perfect to apply it accurately. I tried in the past a super glue that came with a brush and it became way too messy and unusable after some time. Same goes for the cheap 1$ Krazy-Glue. This thing is made for a one time maybe two applications only.

Permanent Sharpie: Used to mark the side that will be glued to the model. I learned from my mistakes and glued 2 magnets that repelled each other on one of the heads of the kit. I had to strip it out, putty what I destroyed and glue it back on the right side so that the attraction will work. Mark your magnets, it will make your life so much easier.

Drill: I cannot for the life of me find a store that sells pin vice other than Games-Workshop at an exorbitant price. I finally gave up and used my cordless drill. It works, but I have to be more careful not to drill through the complete piece like I did once on one of the hooves of Fenris's horse and also not drill into my own hand, trust me, it hurts.

Drill bit: For this project, I used a 7/64 size bit. It was a perfect fit for the magnet size.

The model
The heavy kit comes with 18 parts. Of all these parts, only the 3 pairs of arms, 2 hands and 3 heads needs to be magnetized in order to switch between the Warpwolf variants. The arms of the stalkers are complete with both hands so no magnets are required, I will simply glue them together. The set of tiny hands will be used by both the Feral and Pureblood.

I started by magnetizing the heads. It was not really required since they kind of fit tight into the torso, but a small shake threw them out of the socket so I decided to still magnetize them. The steps are kinda easy.

First, you drill a hole as deep as the magnet thickness, not more, not less, into the middle of the torso where the neck will join. Do this precociously, not deep enough is more forgiving than drilling too deep. So, drill a hole, try to fit the magnet in, drill again and so on until the perfect depth is achieved.

Next, you drill in the middle of the neck of all the three heads.

After that, you take one magnet, mark a side with your Sharpie, this will be the one that will be placed in the torso. Find 3 other magnets that will be attracted to the first one and mark the side that is not attracted by the torso one. Glue them in place, wait a couple of seconds and try it. That's where I first screwed up. I glued one on the wrong side. I had to use my knife to remove most of the plastic to extract the magnet. I used some putty to reshape the neck and glued the magnet back on the right side.

Shoulders joints
I did the exact same thing that I did with the heads except that I marked carefully each magnet this time. The shoulders joints are not deep under the leather part of the torso and the pieces fitted perfectly into one another. Smooth sailing.

Hands / paws / claws
This part was harder. The hands have a circular socket that fits into the lower arm. There is no flat surface for the drill bit to "bite" on. The first one I drilled chipped off way too much plastic because the bit slid on the edge of the lower arm. The magnet would not hold because of the missing plastic. I added some putty and it worked. For the other joints, I drilled it manually without using the drill. It was slow and painful, my poor hand suffered from the bit twisting in my palm, but in the end, it was more accurate. It turned out good. I had to put on some putty on one of the wrists to hide a part of the magnet, but not too much work.

2 hours and 14 magnets later, here are all the variants in all their glory. It was a fun process and it does not take way more time than only gluing all the parts together. You got to buy some magnets, but they are not expensive and can save you money if you plan on using more than one variant of the heavy kit.

Tips and tricks
- You can use the "tower of magnets" to retrieve unreachable magnets in small joints after testing the polarity.
- Take a larger drill bit, place the magnet on it and use it to press it into the hole where you will glue it. It will save you from gluing a magnet on your finger or dropping the magnet on the glue side.
- Use a hobby knife to make scratches on the magnet before gluing it. It will make a more secure bond.
- If you are not sure where to drill the hole to join 2 parts, you can put a dot of paint on one of the parts and then place it where it will go. The paint will show you where to drill on both parts.

Next up, priming and painting…

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