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Coming back to it and...

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I've got a backlog to show for it. It's really starting to look more and more unsermountable. Been busy at work and with the girlfriend, on top of that I've just been feeling down and not getting much done at all.
My current projects are now (in no real order)
Black templar army (as fluffy as possible)
the beginings of my "dark taudar" tau army with costom Gue'vesa unit(s)
Brandy motor maiden from miniature factory
and I just bought two takoashi university models from Soda Pop miniatures that I haven't even begun to work on.

All of these plus a few other scale models that I need to work on.

I'm having a hard time uploading pictures right now, if anyone knows of a good way to resize pictures from an iPhone for uploading on here please let me know. The only other way I'd be able to do this is with my SLR and photoshop and that's just way to much of a pain for a WIP from a beginner like me (maybe one day I will)

other then that I'm just starting to get going again, hopefully finish some of this back log before I have to move in a few months.

If I do start more work expect more WIPs from me in the forums.

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