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Been a bit since my last update.  Sorry for that been a bit busy around here.  Haven't been doing much painting lately except on a couple of Christmas Projects (15 Christmas Villiage houses oh my).  Things around here have gone from bad to good - the GF lost her job the first of September and after a month off and looking, went to work for the same company I work for, on a different account in a different building here in Big A.  And, as we put it when I was working overseas, I picked up - I got promoted last week to lead technician.  The only issue has been its on a different divison of the account I was working on, so I've got a whole bunch of new items to learn so I can give more than stupid looks to my techs when they come ask questions.  Oh, and I've spent the last three days writing training materials.  Such fun.

But it was kinda wierd tonight.  I was flipping channels and went past the Military channel where they were showing a bit on the developement of air strikes - and showed footage from the strikes on TQ where they killed the Tu-22's on the ground.  Why is this important you ask? Cause they showed where I spent the last three years living friends and neighbors.  Had to make use of the rewind on the cable box and watch it again and then show it to the GF.  Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd. 

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