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WELLL new stuff

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wellll got all my IGs girls dun just post the vid on you tubs and pic hare if havent not see them az youjel you hate em dont care got my 5 buck 15 SPMs dun and got do my squatt 4ok army vid yes planing this some time but real life well got to dogs friend mine came over and hees ok but wife AAAARRRGGG enoiing as hall she had a disoter and not good other mini news going to bank and geting the thing i need to get some the brothers vinny minis just have to get thare the Ero down and bucks are hight and got do it just one thing or blan B get books i need to do my ork and IGs then be ok fore whiel like do both will see NOT DONG SIGE MARE not at alll i play the last EDD of WHFB and thats all got 5 books to go amnd thats it no more the last eeddd good enuff olny whay i get it if get fore ZIP and all the army books that go with it it must be fopre FREEE or nuthing OK like minis if got a selet few i convert to 4ok and ues em that whay some the minis all need is a gun and go in to 40k and be good in it welll TTFN WKJR

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