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You will not see

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well havent don one in littel wiel and just disd a bunch space mareins in camo a redo on denets and well just others the demenets are bit well XXXXX TO em lots of S&M B& D chains but no whips like do that got get like get 6 to 8 boxes of GWs dark elf witch wares to get whips thay mack two units and the girls come with whips like mack a unit of whip wheding amazons yes fore that army slowly doing 4OK SPMs and son get dun might post pic but you see em on the you tube and if get more demets the girls with whips will be exsta bits change out the claws fore yes gess it whip ones lots of dimachxs stff you see just got get the minis lots of spikky bits to em well TTFN

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  1. wedgreen12's Avatar
    welll this olny whay to do thiss i post pics of the denets if have a toples amazon queen dont think 10 exsra erotic looking kaos demens are going mack you all scream OMG thare well i hope thay do will see

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