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Armies on parade

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So I'm on a semi vacation???? I'm actually working my ass off, but i don't have to drive or deal with people face to face. I move next week too, so i thought it best to get started on the Armies on Parade piece I'm doing While i have a little down time. Unfortunately for me i have to go huge with my pieces and while I'm doing the same 2'x2' (approx) as everyone else I feel like I'm just going to far with it. Name:  5.jpg
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It's that but with about 15 more miniatures, plus it will probably be about 18" tall and be a three quarters walled in piece.
this is the point I'm at as of this minute. I have about 100 hours I'd say just on finishing up all the painting for the models. without the construction that i still have yet to work out.

On top of that my local GW store updater their monthly painting contest which is next month, and its any model predominantly black. I feel like i should be oppositional defiant and change to some bizarre rainbow marines, however its a nice excuse for me to finish up my completely stupid and utterly impractical Land raider conversion...
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Should look pretty cool, I also plan to add stowage around it and some little extras here and there, maybe even do some dare i say green stuff sculpting, referring back at my rhino WIP forum post.

aside from that I have 5 termies to build to look like they're chain fisting through a bulk head. and some Assault marines that look like sword brothers or just normal initiates.
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Also using the end caps of the promethium relay pipes set as man hole like covers in the terrain. still on the fence though. may cove the whole floor of this factory in embossed styrene or this wire mesh i have. most likely the latter though.

A lot of work to go. may just have to make it a WIP onhere, or in a forum, just so i have people to answer to if i slack off.

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