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47 SPMs and to go

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yes i tun 50 and dont like it its cold and nasty and i like to gone lest to wiss but no or BBBBLLLEEEKKK turyky hillll just wish back home cude got to some place fun but this shit ass bus dosent run on sunday and cant get yesterday nuther will see a film and get to ac more and other one mikels or some thing yes going get all the haloween stuff i like cant go trick or treets or can i the ofile is friday night sarterday is haloween may be i go bug the nabers and welll wil see hate lam caster PA the kids shud do it on sarter day hope just does not RAIN that day nest year sunday UUUUUUUGGGGG then 7 more tell week end BLLEEEKKK well the simsens shud be OK havent ben that wird fore wiell you see all 47 mariens soon pluss the 15 i did before hare and the you tubs by the end of month cude get some dun must go down stares and cheek on things wellll will see shud have my book by the end of month ork IGs and new mariens well TTFN

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  1. wedgreen12's Avatar
    WWWHHHOOO nuber one on the 40k foroms just fun all the whay wish more the one will respond if my thing whas a vid it gon virel

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