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Ork Stormboy Nob WIP - Big Guns

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Got a little more time last night so I worked on the Stormboy again. Finished up the Scorpion Green highlighting and called it good.

Power Klaw Arm

It can be frustrating sometimes knowing that the pictures on the workbench aren't looking as good as real life, even with color correction in Photoshop, due to the lighting I use at my desk being much different than the ones when I "semi-professionally" shoot my models for CMON and my Big Shoota website. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until some space opens up in basement to set up a proper modeling room - that means a child will have to move out......someday.

I started the weapons on the arms as well - the power klaw and big shoota. I recently was very inspired by mattsterbenz speed painting tutorials and loved how his grungy metals turned out on his orks here...

I used this same steps he mentioned and think it turned out nicely, as shown in the photos below. The rest of the black area will be done in a bronze/brass color to give some separation between the gun parts. mattsterbenz does a gold in his tutorials but I want something a little more red/coppery/bronze than gold so I'll have to do some research as to what colors to work through. I'll post what I find works here when I'm done.

This will also be great practice for my "all metals" Killer Kan, when I start them up again.

Big Shoota Arm
Big Shoota Arm 2

This weekend my wife and I are going out of town to a coworkers wedding, then going to Valley Scare. It's an amusement park (Valley Fair) that's been converted to make money for Halloween. I'm all for it, just hope it's better than the Spooky World fiasco at the horse racing track a number of years ago. This means I most likely get much painting done over the next few days. Oh well.

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Question if I may. Where did big shoota piece came from? I am looking for two tween-linked ones and this one look pretty scary.
  2. Sukigod's Avatar
    This one came from the Ork Nobz box. This one twin-linked would be pretty cool.

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