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On to the next competition

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<p>Hello all!&nbsp; So I won the Ebay competition and Poor Highbulp Billy lost.&nbsp; He gets to pick the next theme.&nbsp; I wonder what it will be?&nbsp; What ever it is I think I'll do another WIP of it.&nbsp; I like the feed back, it keeps me focused and my friend Wendy the lurker gets to see what I'm doing and read all your comments, which she really likes.&nbsp; Say hi to her if you post to me.&nbsp; She'll get a kick out of it.</p><p>My family is all home and tucked in again after the fires and it rained (sprinkled) enough to clean the smoke out of the air here so Life is back to what I call normal.&nbsp; </p><p>I tried my hand at speed painting this weekend.&nbsp; I can't do it.&nbsp; I just can't let anything go half done unless I'mm pissed off (my Travelocity gnome was done in 3 hours but I was annoyed when I did it).&nbsp; So I have to go back and clean up this mini I was doing because it's like a tooth ache.&nbsp; I can't leave it alone untill it comes out right.</p><p>Anyway, thanks for all the support over the last weeks.&nbsp; I say this almost every time but you guys are the best!</p>

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Congratulations on the competition win, Liz. Also, hello Wen! Any friend of Liz's is a friend of mine. Have a big hug and a kiss from me!

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