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Last week...

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Slowly emerging from the ground… Last week could be…. better, so no updates, although I have enough stuff for all my categories. I finally finished a unit of dire avengers that I consider table-top level. While doing it I tried bunch of new techniques to speed things up, for example I did away with traditional highlighting and just glazed everything to create a natural (HA!) gradients. I will post them as soon as collect my residual wits to make pictures. The spawn WIP of which I posted some weeks ago was done as well and currently is on display in our local GW store.

        During the last week had lots of fun with my son’s school. It even stimulated me to create a new category here - “School as WE know it”.  Whenever time permits I will be posting there our periodic encounters with peculiarities on NYC school system. For now though, IMHO there is something common between primary school and college. Something rather important that completely lost in the Middle school.

        It feels that the control from above on the content in primary school as well as in College is somewhat relaxed and oriented on results rather then test-taking. Consequently, in PS kids usually not only learn but also think why and how what they learn is interconnected. In MS all this is lost completely. The process is oriented on memorizing of countless factoids with no connections between them.

        Casual relationships simply do not exist. Things happen just because they do and more or less at random they are not CAUSED by anything neither they have any CONSEQUENCES. This is especially bad in social sciences but quite common in Science and even…Math. Yeah… it feels like we are for a long and arduous haul here… but at least, my goal is to convince kid that the textbook is by far not the ultimate and only truth. So far the idea seems to be taking hold. )

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