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Zombicide Black Plague painting....

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Hey guys...I just painted all my Zombies and Villains from my Zombicide Black Plague core box...thought I would share. Its still a work in progress. And I have to apologies for the poor quality of my camera...

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I started with Three tone primer. Primed them all black, the grey from the top, then a lighted grey at the very top...I was out of white, so it didnt turn out like I wanted it...

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I then purchased some wooden bases and used basius to make some bases. and painted them up.

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I started painting them...I didnt do "alot" of detail cause they are the rank and file...and wanted to paint them pretty fast. I kept a similar theme on each sculpt, with small differences in color here and there. I cute them off their bases and pinned them to the basius bases.

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I took a little more time with the Abomb and Necro...On the necro, I used a two brush wet blend on his cloak...it turned out ok...

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I then went to my local hardware store and bought some wood stain and brushed it on. After i let them dry, i painted rings around each type of zombie base. Green for Fatties, red for Runners, and Blue for walkers. so that they are easily identified on the board when playing.

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So a funny part of all this...while i was cutting them off their bases, One of the fatties snapped his leg...it went flying and I have no clue were it went in my craft room...so I had to improvise...

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So I sculpted a pegleg for him...and as always...i mixed up too much green stuff...so I added some accessories to some of the other mobs...

All in all, this was a lot of fun to do, cant wait to find time to paint the heroes...!

Have fun all!

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  1. KruleBear's Avatar
    Nice thanks for sharing. I suggest hitting them with a shot of Testor's Dullcoat which will make them look even better on the table.
  2. Shalazar.Bastion's Avatar
    Yep, that's plan. I meant to add that at the end. I plan to hit then with the mat finish then add blood effects so the blood is still shiny. I will add those picks when done. But now that the rest of the stuff is here...I'm going into project overload...lol

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