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Apocalyptic battle

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This is the second (?) apocalyptic battle played in our local GW store. This time our major eldar army was not present so what you see here is a battle of Xenos alliance (Chaos + tyranids + orks) against Imperial Scum.


The Xenos alliance was outpointing the Imperials by almost 1000 points , but Imperials had two Bainblades (that proved to be exceptionally useless) and 6 choices of strategic/ tactical assets including minefields (that proved to be useless as well), several versions of bombardments and tunnels, being hardly pressed along the defense perimeter Imperials were not able to use this asset. Xenos alliance also had flank march, orbital bombardment and vortex grenades. Since Xenos outpointed Imperials they did not use Vortex grenades.

The deployment was very unfavorable for Xenos Alliance. Their units were squeezed in the corner with a very short front line that was shortened even more by a several mine fields that Imperials laid along the contact line and patches of difficult terrain. Xenos, however managed to turn this to their advantage by organizing assault in two successive waves.

What you see here is the state of affair by the end of turn 3.
By this point Imperials completely lost their left flank with a single Space marine squad holding the line against tyranid onslaught. All armored units in the center lost their infantry support in the first wave of xenos attack and were engaged in heavy artillery duel with carnifexes and orks heavy support units (two batteries of zap guns, battle wagon and a basilisk). The green baneblade proved to be very ineffective in all shooting phases.

The second infantry wave that contain trukk boyz, genestealer brood with a brood lord, a mob of cybork boyz supported by the battlewagon (with 20 more boyz inside) were traversing minefields poised to strike at remnants of the imperial armor.

On the right flank imperials were pressed by a suicide attack of a large mob of ‘ard boyz that tied down several units preventing them from helping to the shattered left flank. The Center was static for the most of the game due to effective barrages by the black baneblade that kept units in the center pinned and also managed to destroy two rhinos.

All in all the game was incredibly chaotic, but a lot of fun. Three things that I personally learn from this: 1) Orbital bombardment, scheduled bombardments and the Baneblade large templates are overrated if you disperse your troops effectively. 2) Mine fields have mostly psychological effects 3) Echeloned attacks are incredibly effective against armored troops

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