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Another weekend finally over

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<p>I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate weekends.&nbsp; Mind you, I', not really in love with my job and want to get there as soon as possible, but the weekends are becoming more and more difficult.&nbsp; With Alex a month away from becoming an official adult but not yet out of school and Mr C bridling at the constraints of his physical limitations things have been getting increasingly tense.&nbsp; More often than not it's easier not being in the house.</p><p>But there is a great deal of love in my life and somehow it will all work out for the best.&nbsp; I just have to take steps to resolve the current issues.&nbsp; No point in whining about things if I'm not going to do something about it.&nbsp; The &quot;boys&quot; may not like my solutions but if they can't get it together I'll have to do it for them.</p><p>On an up note, I found the box of minis I was supposed to do for a commision.&nbsp; Of course I found it 2 days after I got confirmation that the replacement set I ordered was on it's way.&nbsp; But Tracy (TABStudio) is going to take the extras off my hands so it's all good.&nbsp; I think I figured out how to put the minis together and I'll start painting them tomorrow.&nbsp; I've made a pretty good start on my new competition mini as well.&nbsp; </p><p>In the end, everything is as good as it can be right now.&nbsp; Baby steps forward.&nbsp; That's what I have to remember.&nbsp; Baby steps.</p>

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