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wellalmost dun

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well all that you dont read thiss my new I G s girls are coming long ok few snags but thar starting to look good and if do read thiss yes you see on you tube may be a pic hare or two wish thay whaer 32mm think of sending whay fore the brothers vinny minis ben looking at fore agen ever but hole ero to bucks thing think if can get free shiping cost 62 bucks wish get a 100 bucks and that free shipping but closer to home like get two war lord gamesWW 2 tacks but agen the war store has on pr oder andthat be think with shiping 56 bucks will see got call think i ues my new you tube chanel got by mastck and runs thew thiss lap top and going be all my adult minis that have and funy dumb and whard things but see my vids fore my work shop and non work shpo my gaming stuff at REDGREEN09 on you tube well thats all TTFN

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