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Jan from WarGamingMamas

Best of WarGamingMamas

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I've decided to share with you (time to time) most visited / most popular pictures from WarGamingMamas professional studio.
If you want to see all pictures, check the flickr album HERE
I gave the album name "most visit"
Pictures in this album have been seen hundreds times and a lot of them even thousands times. (by unique IP addresses )

Name:  27352249958_d7970bf82a_o.jpg
Views: 1129
Size:  21.4 KB

Yea We are pretty proud of our work but what pleases us most is appreciation from people whom we assembled, magnetised or painted their miniatures.
I put some teaser images here to attract you to visit the Flickr album :-)

Teaser images below.
FW Vulkan
Name:  29326097216_0e68e11721_o.jpg
Views: 84
Size:  1.52 MB

Titan Warlord claw hand
Name:  33490973501_c72e90f3b6_o.jpg
Views: 86
Size:  742.0 KB

PostApoc converted Terrains
Name:  34017396380_ee9e81137a_o.jpg
Views: 81
Size:  778.8 KB

Tau Force
Name:  26462077879_1a3ba5f2eb_o.jpg
Views: 79
Size:  1.52 MB

And hey Guys.

Stay PUNK !

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