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the new vid

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yes got it dun my mocho women with guns are dun and thare a vid on you tube and i think thay came out and you can see em thare nest if can get the tanks from the war store and will do em when get the tanks will see on monday two dumb tanks all like get from war loaerd game and if get two of the the zombi game biker gang to mack IGs ruff rides trooper on bikes moder bikes but if get two its a lot cash fore two box sets and think whay to much fore olny three bikes i think get 6 bike not 3 think its 38 bucks its cost fore both 78 bucks whare tacking platick minis not whight meatel minis the thing is like do 10 IGs girls on bikes and think that zombi games biker gang mini mack good mini to do so and yes some are guys but with some a b putty and grls heed i can do a convergen and get 10 IG s girls out of it yes slap tits on em and call em girls and save the guy stuff fore some more unth IGs well thats my evil plain might get one box of the bikers and just send fore the sprew that has the bick bits from war lord seen on sight and its 12.50 and have nuff to 6 biks just got and ican get or bilt fore more out bits or toys will see if tanks dont come in have other girl heeds in my bits some how will mack this work

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