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Thare dun the see

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well al the gun girls are dun see vid on you tube and soon the tanks will get hare two tanks one a chi b1 and othe i ues as a baskls a girmen ww 2 mobel atry gun a big guy shud do the rushen CCCP one nest time or DA mouse but will get all the tanks i think i get from war lord it selff PAIN in but war store like puling teath will see stell got get boks fore 8th edd whating fore Da boyz then get lot like get big stater set get that frome the war store cheeper need the cards to you know thinking if get whay with it and know if did it xirox the stts in books just the bits you need play and bet i get last $ 15 a pace fore em no cover black wight stats that all bare to bone wish some one besies me think of it but no dont think other will like it if the LAST EDD NO WHAY on 9th or 10th just a thing hek did get the kaos guys dun from the last edd we will got get new stand fore the chapen from the last one to well i go on tomiorow or satter dat the tanks will get hare will see a big box but not un doing vid but a dun one see my vid at redgreen09 on the tube

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