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thare hare thwe new tanks

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YES got em and going put em to gether the new tacks will be dun and see em hare may be and yes on DA tube the chi b1 and artat pece both are hare but the canon fgoing ues as basles well bit smaill dam you trew 28mm scaill but ok will live with it and might put on a stand B e caous its ok and not sening back all frome war lord its all good bad thoght mack biger cut it in haff and add some platic card to it not going hapen just to much work and have ues the drummel and dont like uesing that got start doing the drumeol agen to do stuff just BBBBLLLEEEKKK all te time thing that eazay back when now a pain in but got get out some time will have dun and inteting camo job on it yes when get my 300 bucks fore a med test going to do yes brother viny and last 3 more big guns but not thiss obe and box of 3 chi b1 s to mack unit i think going likr to put thid tack to gther ho amnd 8th books to well that my evel plain se vid of stuff on the tube see later

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