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GOT EM Going paint em

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DAM YOU TREW 28MMM SCALE BBBBLLLLEEEKKKKK not good fore 4ok PAIN IN MY ASS yes war lord game tacks art FBLEEPEN trew 28mm SCALE NOT FARE dam good kits good looking models and not fily to do but nee 135th sale not 152th scale PAIN IN ASS ok i did 4ok em mad one look biger you see on my you tube chanel may be hare but ges if like have 4ok tacks in right scale and non GW got get 135th scale tanks but got get em in $25 buck to $30 bucks then thare rebel and lave a lot of fily bits off the models epeshely one will not see yes got do em all cloed up if can no iner detal olny if like do so think see em WW 1 tanks in toy form $ 28 bucks and right scale a tad pole and germen box like one got call see have em and its a 5i6 call see if lived thar just tack the buss and get em BUT NO NOT IN LAMCASTER will see wish can get the the war stoe last but not last tyes going go nuts and ues my platic card and see if do a tank or two got some bits and track will see cant be that bad my evil plan WWWHHHAHAHA if going vew stuff go redgreen09 on you tube and se all thare

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