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Eave new shit wwwhhhaa

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well all my evel plain come thew well almost got IG girls dun see vid on the tube mocho women with guns and when nuts and got the girl gang from nagmuda and will start soosd and dun vid on the tube yes busty babs fighting fore the enparor see at redgreen09 on you tube but new stuff on that will have the tacks dun but wish whar 135th or 145th scale to go with bigger 28mm of GW but NOPE will see migt post pic some time got get out and two plaes to go are the comixs books store near the train stashen and cooltrains hobby shop like get tank kits that fit my thing and covet em to 4ok or tank toys that look good and can covert with platic card will see last thing if can get it had figerd out round $67 bucks can get me brother vinny IGs girls and like get bunny girls to hek just give a gun and in like flint well that it lucky youz TTFN

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