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Re-Cap: The Past 2 Days

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NOTE -- THE REST OF THIS BLOG ISN'T NEARLY AS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS AS THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH, WHICH WE HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE IS EXAGGERATION -- Two days and 1 hour ago, there I sat, in front of a bright, bright monitor. It watched my every move, the finger's tapping on the pearl-white keys, unknowning of the monitor's watchful glare. A small centipede drags it's 22mm body up the wall adjacent to the computer screen, and I watch before gleefully snatching it in a Kleenex. I feel it's miniscule form squirm under the immense pressure between my fore and middlefinger, until a small crack is emitted from the deep bowels of the sheep fleece-white tissue. I grinned horribly and ran into the next room, chanted the whole time. As it's tiny, fluffy, damp coffin twirled around the toliet bowl, I danced, alternating from foot to foot, before casually strolling out of the bathroom as my sister walked by.

Then I slept, woke up, did computer stuff, and tried to get a picture of Ritual's "Mortimer", but to no avail. Next, I went downstairs to continue work on my GW* brand models. The day before my mother was very kind and drove me to an arts store, where I bought a Raphael and Windsor and Newton Series 7 brush, a wooden mannequin, Fimo, 4 high-quality acrylic paints, and some more goodies. Needless to say, I am in debt at the moment.

Anyhow, I then went downtown for dinner with relatives, my great-aunt, her daughter, and my great-aunt's granddaughter. My great-aunt and her granddaughter are both in wheelchairs (the latter suffers from severe disability), but they were all very friendly and it was great to see them for the first time in 2 years or so.

I came back and saw that Ritual had posted pictures of his "Mortimer" but I turn into a rambling idiot at night, as you can tell from reading the opening passage where I slew a rather small creature. Anywho, I decided to talk on msn (that's a soft of silk pillow only found at Ikea with a built-in telephone and GPS system for you older fogies out there) and greet Torn Blue Sky as he logs on every day at 12:05-12:35 am and has grown to despise my cheery midnight greetings (keep in mind, it's 5:05-5:35 am for him!).

The next day (hey, that's today!) I got up, ate breakfast of eggo waffles, went upstairs to do my article and wrote about one paragraph when the doorbell rings. You see, I have this friend that I know from Vancouver who has relatives over here, so he comes in the summer and winter holidays to stay at their place. He also has a tendancy to come over at very inconvenient times. The last time he visited, I was in the shower. This time, I was writing an overdue article for you fine people.

Anywho, I'm not one to be rude to guests, so I met him at the door and we played a game of pool before going to the Simpson's Movie (which was EXCELLENT, completely makes up for the crappy past few seasons!). He left shortly after the movie. So, in all, it wasn't bad that he came, because I wrote the rest of the article straight after and cut up wood for display bases. I even started the details on one tonight. WIP pics tomorrow!

I've realised that I've been skipping out on all the guitar I've been doing. I've written a ton of songs recently, and theres only blues one I look forward to somehow getting on the net.


Thanks for reading,













*GW is copyright 2007 to whenever they go bankrupt (don't believe me?! check out their annual report: )(god bless them).

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