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Learning by doing. (tutorials and show-off)

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So I´ve been at this for a while, trying, failing and stripping a mini maybe 10 times before I set my mind to what I want to do. And along the way I find alot of awsome painters and artists whom show some awsome skills.
So inspiration is there alot of.

Anyway. Recently I got asked to do some Tutorials, and I´m honored that someone ask for it by me, when I see myself as a medium-skilled painter.
So a shou-out to "ageofsquidmar" on instagram for a bunch of good tutorials and Youtube-vids that show alot of good tips n trix.

And alot of other painters I will shout-out in the future for being a great inspirational source.

So, on to the reason for this long post:

The tutorial on doing battle damage,

Colours used, Black undercoat, Averland sunset, Mournfang Brown, Agrax earthshade, Dorn yellow, Cassandra yellow/Iyanden yellow.

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So, I begin with a basecoat of black, letting it dry Before using AVERLAND SUNSET spray on for the first layer.
Even putting on some transfer and boxing in some other colours just for the hell of it.

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Second, I take some MOURNFANG BROWN to put down some damage and chipping. Adding to parts I Think would have most chance on getting touched by the Life. Use thin layers and work with a good brush.

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Third step; wash it all with AGRAX EARTHSHADE, let it dry and use the wash to darken down some of the more shadowed parts. When it is all dry, go back with AGRAX to darken the more centerparts on the chippin and damage.

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So, step four, go back with watered-down AVERLAND SUNSET to pick up the higlighted parts in the colour, and to create some buckles etc.

Using DORN YELLOW to pick up the finer highlights and its all done, IF needed you can wash it all again or use CASANDRA YELLOW-shade or IYANDEN YELLOW-contras to keep shading and darkening the it all.
Also adding a metal colour to make the damage look new is a good way to add dept into your damaged areas.

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I do alot of back and forth with this and keep seeing parts Im not happy about. But sometimes it works out.

Hope this will help someone. And thank you for Reading!

to do chaos I add a layer of DEATHCLAW BROWN between the Brown and yellow layers to add a third, more rustic look. every other step is the same. Pics bellow, the only difference is that I DONT add any metal colours, just to give the feeling of more old or rotten damage.

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  1. Salt's Avatar
    Wow, nice. Very cool tutorial!

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