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my own storage

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paranoia about delivery
clogged attention
abrasions on individuals
store sur charge
permanence of containment
circulating missing
rare bond
educated preparation(s)
connectivity funding e.g. host venue overhead
cash allotments & sympathy e.g. life's work

previous statement of schematic of success
the loser and the diagram foolish carnival

my later purchases dealing with a account closing with future security though keep going bit by each figurine etc. plus different detailing and visual tipsters
some flaws
survivor va care system intake moderations teeth diaper possessions refusal captivity gov inaccessiblity drowsy though each can be countered
juggernauted goods highly sought after appraisal astronaumics
caution of 'the that taught me how not to ever make that mistake again' though it could reasonably happen again brokers representation

some of my later interests some suggestions from professionals
desert car sunlight desolation
vampiracy horror exemptions effected
comics result literacy entertainment
western dvd palettes aristocratic ghoul
veteran chaplin feasibility providers

some advantages to efficient supervision
unguilty ununended unshock inducing unlaborious

the current adjusted visual to see
a late gygax goal of parents married payments to the death e.g. dead meadow and other band paid events
my muse of fantasy artistry with merch sobreity cop conundrums home owner
a studio accounted for published into realistic circulations raw approachable etc. terms
paying providers leadership awareness dealers

good feelings toward somewhat of coding or writing maybe even input toward hobbies

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  1. ajn2011's Avatar
    the i'm loaded
    the here's all the many problems with this
    shambling mounds
    etc ad nauseuam
    fairy harpie
    talking to unattack

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