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a miser and what to prep

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worldly suffering many problems
intellectual decision making the smarter choice
the future seen today ready for now

my hobby late introduction was
lancaster pennsylvania historical miniature gaming society
eagle and empire belle view
other sources on the following formats: writing movie music art
other media distributors: gamestop university libraries word of mouth etc

the fun parts
painting minis artistic collectible vintage storage circulation valuable tangible
hobby rewards especially completion vs purchase participation flattery?
visuals daydreaming such as philip k dick and other off topic references the hallucination
safety not dealing with dangerous scenarios and circumstances
being fixated for tomorrow the right choices type a personality

a flaw in not gaming
one player and not facing repercussions
inclusive and distant due to caution see gaming injuries or problems

some things into lately
5th edition dnd the metaphor the fun the story
ral partha the pewter the sculptor the specific offering for searches
games workshop business antipsychotic powerful
if it's there confrontation
other label companies

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