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the presentation on fun

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interactive content with others suburb campus home shopping
see hippi beatnik caffeine conversations better veteran schemes
publishing recent content and different new material
to have realistic fantasies properly rendered media lens

some learnings that
keith richards isn't american and thus exempt explanations
television art entertainment different local influences
ordinary ramblings reinforcement repetition raw amateur

where is a purposeful bicycle trip
day to day living fun open a window use sound bites
remember the bar tender drinking night with a crowd
studio and dorm hotel and vacation near trains etc

remembering retired episode of extreme cheap skates
though i also have disability and military benefits
tv purchase enticement and skepticism frugality
savings and money choices rockstar budget showmanship
media entertainment stones samples and other universes

painting canvas with visibility humor taste style ghetto
collectable sought after unsold out world narcissism

different role playing character stats ginsberg salinger bukowski hefner miller dmb poe
life risking see i know what it's like to be deceased what's the matter well limit

youtube studies and cloud storage
music videos dvds smart phone

facebook unresponsive school version
creative collaborations understanding censors and practices

stuck with miserly circumstance see scrooge soros or permanent injuries
affordability probability to see that it isn't that bad or it could be worse

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