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Reverend Crow

Heroquestin' (Crow's Blog #2)

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Greetings Comrades. After the success of Space Crusade we did indeed find Heroquest stashed away in the back waters of the house. It was good to have a little game, and the basic nature of it meant it was okay for my 6 year old - although he didn't quite get the team work aspect.

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So I thought that I'd give these chaos warriors a go - in non-specific colours. I learned quite a bit about the interactions between base coat, inks and highlights. Again, not the best sculpts, but when they go on the board they add something a little extra.

Then my wife put one of them to sleep and all three "heroes" decided to kick the shit out of the sleeping warrior. Apparently their is no moral high ground when it comes to dungeon crawling.

One thing that really kicked off in my head was whether people still played Heroquest, or updated it. This has now triggered a more in depth desire to update and improvise a better dungeon crawler. Sure, I could buy one of the super expensive new Kickstarter versions, or I could DIY it.

Right now I'm going to start by building a small photobooth to take some pictures of the minis I'll be painting - more on that next time.


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