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Reverend Crow

Building a Lightbox (Crow's Blog #3)

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Greetings Comrades! At this point it's been a good month or so since I started to paint again, and I was thinking about how some of you take photos of your minis.

As a result I took a look at making a light box and it wasn't too hard to find some examples so I threw myself into it. Ordered some cheap foam board and got to cutting.

Name:  p1000818.jpg
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Stuck it together.

Name:  p1000819.jpg
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Popped some transparent coverings over the open panels.

Name:  p1000820.jpg
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Et viola! With that done I took started trying to take some photos, but the problem seems to be that the camera doesn't like close ups.

Yet even at a distance I found this was quite a detailed pic of a Cygnar Stormgunner.

Name:  p1000832-4.jpg
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Hmmm, maybe it's my eyesight, but definitely not as flattering as when I first finished it - still, these skills are a work in progress.

Anyhew, let me know if you've got any experience to share on this subject. Love to hear some opinions.

Until next time, take it easy.


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