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Battletech mech hanger mod.

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So I bought this so many years ago it wasn't owned by GW or Monday Knight Productions. It is a nice resin piece, but I never liked the doors that came with the original. I am actually in construction, and I work quite a bit on military installations, so naturally I got the idea to make the doors more like the ones I have seen on large aircraft hangers.
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I bought some polystyrene sheet and started working on it. For structure I cut one large piece as the backer, and then cut subsequently smaller pieces for each set of doors. Glued on with CA glue and painted with testors(i know I should switch to something else, but I've got it and need to use it up)washed and highlighted the whole thing.
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Then I decided to add some detail to one of the interiors. I picked up some styrene square and round stock and with some cutting and gluing built out one of the interiors using the VAB from NASA as a guide.
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Paint(not thin enough) and some minor detail work and I have the start of a decent table piece. I still want to base it and add some details to the floor, and wash the interior with some black for grime and bringing out the details. I really want some feedback on this. Any suggestions on it to help out are greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
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