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Rant about GW

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Abuse. I may be young and naive but! but!, i do know what respect is. Today when going to the gw store, i met a GW staffer who was on a transfer because the regular staffers were ill. He seemed a nice enough guy, but when i sat at the modeling table, i soon found that he was a GW brainwashed zombie. When rumaging through my paints, i seleced a vallejo white, straight away he was breathing down my neck, ranting about getting paint in my eye...??!? WTF! what kind of a retard did he think i was? Of course this was not helped by him saying that "if you got paint in your eye, we could tell the hospital exactly what is in the paints" and me asking "whats in the paints then" and one of my friends saying "I heard they contain lead".

Of course, this was just the start, minutes later as he was swooping past, i happened to have a exacto blade in my box, note, i wasnt even using it as there were lots of kids about, so i figured it would be irresponsible for me to leave it on the workbench. He took one look at it and was about to grab it. I haistly shoved it to the bottom of my bag. Too make peace i purchaced a mini, at least then he could not complain that i was not working on GW standard minis!

The last straw... My brushes. Windsor and Newton synthetics, £4 each, a very good buy, they have lasted me 6 months and will probarbally last another 6. I had been painting for around 5mins when he came to check up on some 12 year olds who were taking their first delve into GW. He started to question me on why i wasn't using GW brushes, and after i explained to him that i thought their "masters" series was over priced, and was no longer produced. And that overall WandN brushes are better anyway, he asked me to leave.

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    You know it is amazing how a specific stuffer can make it or break it... I figured it is in UK but it seems they have too many customers over there. I regularly paint in my GW store (pretty much every Saturday). I use mostly Vallejo and now apparently Reaper :) and I do it with W&N series 7. Not only they don't mind (although they constantly joke about heretical paints) they also often use me as a local advertising of a painting side of the hobby. Granted, if somebody ask me I can immediately switch to store GW paint and show them whatever they want to see. I know several other people who regularly paint there with either non-GW brushes or non-GW paints.
  2. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    I do believe the master series brushes are rebranded series 7, anyway.
  3. Thecadian's Avatar
    Wow they used the 'know whats in the paints' thing on me!

    just that it was with my old airfix glue not paints. I don't know what my GW would say if i used other companies stuff.

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