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Pre-emptive whining

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<p>So I'm heading into another weekend after a rather rough one last week.&nbsp; I dread weekends and the lack of a routine.&nbsp; We'll see how this one goes.&nbsp; I've tried to plan it a bit so I can have just a smidge of control this time.&nbsp; Here's what I'm planning;</p><p>Saturday.....</p><p>Up at 0630 and on the web to see what my friends in the UK are up to.&nbsp; Hi guys!&nbsp; Gotta check Cmon and the Ebay group so I can smack talk Billy before he slips my grip.&nbsp; </p><p>0800 I wake up the family and get them going so I can Take Alex to his tutor and haul Mr C around for the days errands.&nbsp; Thanks god the boy will have his liscense soon and I won't have to do as much of that.</p><p> to work for yet ANOTHER pointless training class in customer relations that&nbsp;I've taken 6 times already and they insist I come in for once a year in case I forget that the mindless morons that call to have fees waived on a hotel reservation because they want to cancel because of a picture of a bar on the email confirmation are NOT mindless monrons and are right.</p><p>1400...gather the family and head to Wendie's house to paint (She likes to watch me paint and will feed me and&nbsp;cater to me so who am I to argue) while the kids go in the back yard and swing boken at&nbsp;each others heads until they drop.&nbsp; Then we all have dinner followed by more painting, chatting and for the boys, video games.</p><p>2300....45 min drive home, hopefully with the wall to my Ebay comp mini done</p><p>2400....hop on line and say good morning to my friends in UK.&nbsp; I will have been on line with Wen durring the day, I'm sure.</p><p>0200...head to bed</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Sunday........</p><p>0630......same as saturday</p><p>now here's the part that always gets me in trouble</p><p>0800......start laundry.&nbsp; Nothing else planned for the day but laundry and painting.&nbsp; And being on line on my&nbsp;boards on MY COMPUTER.&nbsp; that last part is really&nbsp;important because Sunday is Ebay day for Mr C and for some reason MY computer has become the official Ebay computer.&nbsp; I think it's because it's in the family room with the tv.&nbsp; Every 30 mins&nbsp;or so he kicks me off MY COMPUTER to launch another ebay auction and then hands me a pile of stuff to photo for NEXT weeks auctions.&nbsp; This usually leads to&nbsp;some seriously heated debates as to when thing COULD be done and what I do when I'm home.&nbsp; This time I hope to aviod this by setting aside time when I'm on and when he can be on.</p><p>1100...Mr C will do some of his auctions</p><p>1300....I can have the computer back</p><p>1600....Mr C's turn</p><p>2200....My turn</p><p> to bed/Mr C's turn</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I'll let you all know how it works out.&nbsp; I'm all for harmony!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Heya, Liz. I hope it works out for you as planned. Say hi to Wen and give her a big hug from me.

    When you say Boken, is there some toy called that or do you mean Bokken, the japanese wooden practice swords? That would be dangerous.

    Can you train the cats to stand guard at your computer time, or if Mr. C. tried to take over, get them to stand on the keyboard?
  2. PegaZus's Avatar
    Sounds like someone needs a lap top and a wireless connection. Nothing like doing eBay and watching the game at the same time.

    And I hear you about mindless corporate training. Luckily, a lot of mine are online training, with a test at the end. We can skip directly to the test and as long as we pass legitimately, good for us.

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