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For once it wasn't too bad

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<p>So, in case you read by last blog, the scheduling worked.&nbsp; We only had 1 small issue with the computer and I won that one.&nbsp; In fact, it was probably the best weekend I've had in a while.&nbsp; Still not what I'd like it to be but comfortable at least.&nbsp; </p><p>Wen's was great.&nbsp; I didn't get as much painting done as I wanted but I made a good start on a couple of things.&nbsp; Wen is always a blast to be around and we brainstormed on a mini for the Wyrd submissions for Ericj.&nbsp; I like my idea and it will be a continuation of the series with the Hasslefree kids.&nbsp; Remember the &quot;I'm Going With You&quot; mini I did for last month?&nbsp; This will use the little girl with her arms crossed and Perdita from Wyrd.&nbsp; I like the idea I have.&nbsp; It should be fun.</p><p>Today has been wonderful!&nbsp; I've celebrated an aniversary (not wedding but romantic anyway), talked to friends on the phone several times (normally I can't) and got a good start on my Menoth figures.&nbsp; I need help with the white if you want to check the WIP of it.&nbsp; I've never painted white as the feature issue before and it's not that easy.</p><p>All in all a comfortable start to the week.&nbsp; Tomorrow I go to work early and Wednesday is a hearing about Mr C's disability so keep yur fingers crossed for that.&nbsp; It should be a good week anyway.</p>

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