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Stormboy Nob - WIP - Almost There

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I found myself, as so many times in the past, rushing to finish up this mini because I want to see it fully assembled and finished. I have problems sometimes seeing the whole when I'm only working on parts.  Also so I can move on to the next thing I'm all excited for. Well, not really excited, just what I need to get done before the RTT next month, which is 3 heavy weapons boyz, three killa kans and one grot oiler.

The Stormboy Nob is a brute of a piece now that I've glued most of him together. I have the rocket to finish up with a red and b/w checked pattern and a few small touch ups on the main body like the big shoota chain, powerklaw blade, the rings in his arms and blend in the neck extension. Then basing and sealing. Here's hoping the humidity stays low!

Oh yeah, my first green stuff modification! I know it's minor, but a first for me. I temporarily attached his parts with bluetack and realized the angle of his head was weird. He was looking almost directly down at the ground. I thought he should be looking more forward, roaring at the enemy he's about to attack so I added a  bit of neck material to angle his head up. I think it worked out alright. Next update should show the finished, sealed model.

Stormboy Nob
Stormboy Big Shoota
Stromboy Nob WIP

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