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Turkey Day and musings

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Going to be an interesting day today - got to run to Waco so we can have Turkey with the family - My mom and dad (who the gf has met and gets along with) my brother, his wife, their 3 kids, her mom, and her mom's brother (whom the gf hasn't met) - then when we're done there we're going to meet her father (apparently he took a run to Texas (he's a truck driver) specifically to meet me).  So today should be interesting.


Yesterday was not som much - took one of the cats to the vet - he'd been off his feed a bit and generally hiding and hibernating on us - the vet calls the gf and tells her they may have to pull all his teeth, cause he's got a raging oral infection.  Great - a 2 year old toothless cat.  Then it gets better - we go to pick up the evil little ball of hair (Mycroft is classic cat - pay attention to me - enough swat) and they tell us he's a weak positive for FIV - but the upside is with good care he can prolly go another 10 or so years.

 However, we may know why he's FIV positive - we think he was immunized for it, and just have to find the paperwork tonight.


Ah well, the joys of being home. 

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