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It's Been A While

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<p>Hello all!&nbsp; It's been a while since I updated my blog so I figured I'd let you all in on the inner workings of the horror show that is my mind.</p><p>Let's see, where to start?.,....I didn't finish my mini for the Ebay group this month.&nbsp; I ended up hating the thing and just couldn't find the motivation to get it done on time.&nbsp; I'm going to finish it, though, and sell the thing on Ebay just so I can say I finished it but so I don't ever have to look at the thing again.&nbsp; If it doesn't sell I might have a cerimonial burning of the piece.</p><p>Thanksgiving was a bust.&nbsp; I had to work but Mr C and Alex were supposed to go down to LA to Mr C's family's.&nbsp; But we ran out of not only cash but food at the last minute so not only did we NOT get anyone down to LA, but we ended up eating Ramin (potnoodles for you Brits).&nbsp; Highly annoying.</p><p>Alex turned 18 yesterday so he's now legal.&nbsp; If Becca is reading this he wants to say....&quot;Wanna?&quot;&nbsp; He is my son!&nbsp; Can't drink yet, though.&nbsp; So Mr C did the man thing and bought him a box of condoms and took him to the porno store to purchase his first legal porn.&nbsp; How red blooded of him!&nbsp; </p><p>I was supposed to be on vacation this week but due to the same financial issues that tanked Thanksgiving I've had to work.&nbsp; It's not too bad, though.&nbsp; I get out of the house anyway.&nbsp; I'll take a long vacation in the spring all by myself and travel somewhere interesting.&nbsp; Thinking of the UK maybe.</p><p>The Christmas spirit is a long time coming this year.&nbsp; We didn't get the tree yesterday like we normally would.&nbsp; Hopefully we'll get it tomorrow.&nbsp; Not sure I'm up to decorating this year though.&nbsp; Alex is rarely home and Craig can't see too well so it seems kind of a waste.&nbsp; But I'll do it anyway.&nbsp; It's tradition.</p><p>Actually, this is sounding kind of depressing and I don't mean it to get that way.&nbsp; It's not all that bad.&nbsp; Looking at it all from another angle I could say....Alex turned 18!&nbsp; I didn't have to spend Thanksgiving with the inlaws!&nbsp; I earned money on my vacation!&nbsp; I don't have the pressure of going through voting this month!&nbsp; See, there's always a way of looking at things that makes them better!</p><p>Merry Christmas all!&nbsp; Have a cookie for me!</p>

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