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Neat Little Blighter

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I went through my army list recently and found I have 6 extra poitns to spend (how did that happen?) so I chose to add a Grot Oiler for the Big Mek. As most ork players do, I havea ton of grot models - both plastic, second edition and 1st/3rd/4th edition metals. I dug through the collection a pulled this one out.

He's carrying a huge wrench that will most likely be used more as a hammer than a bolt tightener. At first I figured I'd speed paint him just to get him outta da way since I didn't think it was that great of a sculpt but as I was painting his skin tones, his character really started to come out. I decided to take a little more time and do him right and here's where he stands now. He really looks beleaguered and downtrodden - perfect for the job. You can almost hear him panting and wheezing.

I have to paint the wrench yet and base him but over all he ended up being a pretty fun mini to paint. I might do another one...someday.

Grot Oiler for Big Mek 





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