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Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year

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Well, we're in the middle of the holiday season and been away from the net for a while. here's the lowdown on giftage, which seems to be the topic these days.

Box of Ork Boys
A cool toy truck to loot for the orks
Enough money to buy the codex, 3 Biker Boxes, two Trukks and the Shokk Attack Big Mek, when they're released.

Robot Chicken - Season Two
(More) Trivial Pursuit 80's, 90's, Pop Culture (our favorite family game)

Enough money to finally do my haunted house, creepy halloween scene half-sleeve tattoo (cool). The dragon (left calf) and Fallen, Red-Haired Angel (my wife, right calf) will have to wait until next year.

ROCKBAND!!!!!!! (for the family) We have all the iterations of Guitar Hero and they're fun, really fun for us musically inclined folks, but Rock Band is far and away, the funnest. Our family is incredibly competitive, so most things we do (which is a lot of gaming) tend to be against each other and sometimes breaks down to rules arguements.(shocker!)  This game makes everyone work together to get the job done, and it's a blast! Highly recommended for averyone. p.s. The Metallica songs are insane, and very, very long. You will get tired.

On the 40K front, the last RTT tournament I placed fourth, one point away from a three way tie that I would have won based on the last games victory points (dang!). Oh well, the next  tournament's in March so I have time to flesh out the points after the new codex hits. Thank god I've got two extra fully painted dreadnoughts, all I have to paint is another Big Mek.

I'm really jonesin' to start up making trukks and battlewagons (properly) for the new rules, you wouldn't believe the parts I've got laying around. Wait, you probably do......


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all here at CMON! 


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