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Ok, WTF?

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So, its 2300 local - the GF has gone to work, and I'm sitting here unwinding after painting off and on all day - almost have the male fire giant finished, the female is getting close, and I even started work on a third piece - a Reaper Warlord Necromancer who looks like Tim the Enchanter from Holy Grail.  But the pallette is full of half dried paints,and I'm out of tea, so its time to stop for the night.  The tv is on USA - I was watching Law and Order, but apparently its time for their Saturday Night movie - The Breakfast Club - when will we ever get away from bad 1980's teen films?

Don't get me wrong, I was a teen in the 1980's with all that that entailed - but by the Monkee Gods, why do I need to be subjected to that whole bad teen angst crap from the 80's?  And what was so special about being a white, middle class teen in the 80's that we had to have so many movies about it? 

Oh well, at least I got to watch one decent movie today - Stalag 17.  Billy Wilder directing a cast of primarily Broadway actors in a film about POW's in WWII.  William Holden got his one and only Best Actor Oscar for it, and I try to catch it every time its on TV.  Thing is a few (ok, 10 or so) years ago I took a TV and film acting class during my second stint in college.  My instructer was Larry Hovis, who was a writer and actor on TV in the late 1960's and 1970's.  Larry was on a show called "Hogan's Heros" which was about a group of US and Allied POW's who were basically running a Resistance operation out of Luftstalag 13,  and making fools out of the Germans in the process.  I went into class one day after watching Stalag 17, and asked Larry if they had gotten sued over the similarities between Stalag 17 and Hogan's Heros.  Larry responded "Hell yes - they sued our asses off!!"  Then he got this kinda strange wistfull look on his face and said "You know, I've been teaching this class for the last 3 years and thats the first time anyone has ever asked me about Stalag 17."  All the theater majors in the class were taking notes, and by the end of the week all of them had watched the film.

Thats all for now guys - see you tomorrow.

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  1. uberdark's Avatar
    80's teen movies when the yuppies generation become grandparents. then we have the 90's teen movies to look forward to, like varsity blues and any freddie prinze jr. movie. :)
  2. mich's Avatar
    The 80's RUINED MEEEEEE!!!

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