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It's Grots Life

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Alright, I'm kinds just burning time here while I wait for the new models to arrive. Bikes, Trukks and Shokk Attack Guns - Oh My! The holidays are over so I can start devoting a little more time to army painting. I'm starting to fill some points out with a Big Gunz unit. I figure I'll just paint up one set of crew grots with an extra grot for each, then I'll paint up a squad of 3 each (lobbas, kannons and zzap guns).

Here's the crews all ready for their newly painted big gunz.

Grot Crewman Ork Artillery

I'll try to take pictures and reviews throughout the excitement of the new models, it'll be tough though.

My friends and I are also preparing for our first Apocalypse battle (10,000 pts per side) with lots of proxy at this point. I found some toy planes ($2 each!) that will work perfect for Ork Fighta Bombas. Now I just have to get some Cool Whip containers and a bucket for some Stompa action!

And another thing..... There doesn't seem to be  lot of Ork Artillery love here on CMON. Searching for them seems to come up with pitifully few hits. Well, that just means I have a better chance at having thop scoring grots and kannons here right? It's the little things that count, right?


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