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New Ork Trukk

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Hmmmm - what to blog about first? Codex or models? It's been a while since I posted pictures so I 'll talk about models. Besides, everyone would rather look at pictures than read, right?

I picked up the new Ork Bikes and the Trukk this weekend and I have to say it - I like Games Workshop! Not that I never did, just that I feel they did the new ork vehicles justice. My first thoughts were "it's smaller than it looked in the pics online." But that's ok, if it were larger I'd be worried about more fire coming at it! Although you'll never actually get a dozen boyz in this thing, it's a far cry better than the shoebox from before. The first pic's a size comparison old and new. As I said before, this thing is downright Junkyard!

Ork Trukk Comparison


It seems a bit strange working on something this large after doing the small models for so long as I haven't assembled a vehicle model in years), although I haven't forgotten how. I started by looking at the instructions (always read the instructions before you start!) and looking at how the thing goes together. What parts can I assemble and still get a paint brush to it? It usually ends up in a series of sub-assemblies. Tires, chassis, engine, cargo area, drivers/gunners station. The rest is add-ons that can be painted right off the sprue and glued on the model.

In this pic I've glued what I can taking into account my brush, blocked out the main colors, and then loosely fitted the model together to see how it looks. The main colors will be red,black and metal - although the black and metal arre the same right now, that will change dramatically, much more metal to come!

Ork Trukk start



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  1. Luke's Avatar
    CAn someone please help me to assemble an ork trukk as my one didnt come with instructions in the box. THanks in advance.

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