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WiP - Dwarf Miners

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Well after 1 day of being lazy and just watching some anime (Heroic Age - very cool series with lots of fighting and big mecha) i managed to spark up some motivation to paint the dwarf miners i have, eventually completing one and about 70% done on a second. Keeping them in the same uniform as the dwarven warriors but giving them slightly less gold on their armour and more silver metal the first one turned out quite well (on the left of the photo). The second one is slowly getting there, still the metallics, the pouch and the candle to do, although i did start off thinking these were weird models with candles on their heads they are starting to grow on me. Plus i find myself spending loads of time trying to get their beards blended nicely so they don't look strange. Well its a good thing i enjoy painting beards or else a dwarf army really would be the wrong choice. Here's the sneak peek:

Dwarf Miners

bit more work on the eyes too, but im slowly getting better at doing them. Gotta find more ways to keep my enthusiasm up and motivate myself to paint more. 

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