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Trukk WIP and Apocalypse Surprise.

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I finished the Ork Trukk bed this weekend. There is an amazing amount of detail on such small surface area there. The roll bars are nearly finished as well, then I can move on to the chassis and engine. The chassis should be pretty quick - grey/dirt highlights with quick but subtle metal dry brush and a coat of rusty wash to blend and age/weather the piece. I'm not going to be too picky as it's underneath everything else.

Trukk Bed Done 

I also found a neat little project toy at the local thrift store, for less than $5 too! A couple of toy jets taht will become Ork Fighta Bombas for Apocalypse. My first foray into the oversized world of 40K. I've got some Ork Sluggas in there for size comparison.

Fighta Bomba Base 

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    I am watching this one with great interest... I will be doing this thing probably in a month or something. How convertible it is? What do they have for weapons for this truck? Can you, for example make a battlewagon out this one, by, say, putting some heavy weapon on the top. Is it alway open-topped or there is an option for making it covered?
  2. Sukigod's Avatar
    The option for the trukk are these: red paint job, grot riggers, stikkbomb chucka, armor plates, boarding plates, wrecking ball, reinforced ram. The kit comes with all but the stikkbomb chukka and grot riggers.No rules for 'ard case. The big shoota is the only option for weapons according to the rules.

    I would think this models too small to be considered a battlewagon on int's own though. Just a little larger than a rhino.

    As for converting, It's very accessible to conversion. It's kin of a n open slate. I'm building this one stock so as to get familiar with it and have another on the way that I'll feel better about butchering a bit.

    Thaks for checking it out here!

  3. skeeve's Avatar
    I usually do as long as the stupid "bandwidth" mistake isn't on (usually mornings and evenings). What I think is probably possible is to install some heavy cannon inside the body and "upgrade" it to either gun-wagon (Forgeworld rules) or "looted wagon". For the cannon, well , Forgeworld cannons (either) should be off the right size, possibly trimmed earthshaker or slightly modified battle cannon would fit as well. I've heard the rumor (from GW dude) that GW has a battle-wagon in work but he didn't know when it'll be released.
  4. Sukigod's Avatar
    I've got an old Basilisk and a Rhino that I'm going to turn into gun trukks/looted wagons. I balk at the Forgeworld prices though as I'm pretty good at finding weapons on toys at the local thrift stores.

    I've also got a Landraider tthta I've alsways hesitated carving up into a tru battlewagon since it was always nice to be able to loot that - not any more. Carve away!

    Oh, and Chern Ann said he'd look into that Bandwidth ban thing for me - I hope he resolves it soon.

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