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Interesting miniature Store

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While being temporarily banished to Albany I stumbled upon great store here. The name of the place is Zombie Planet and it is located at 1238 Central Ave. This place sells miniatures from a number of major lines GW, Epic, Gothic, D&D, Reaper Racham, privateer press and so on and so forth. What was really exciting is that they carry  a number of major paint lines under the same roof - GW, vallejo, both model and game lines; Reaper - both Pro and MAster, and Oh Joy P3!!!. This is actually ferst time I saw P3 sold "locally"; they have gaming space on the second floor too. Anyway, I feel envious.

On the other hand... visited a small british (reconstructed)fort about one hour from Albany. they have small museum there with diorams depicting french storming this fort and brits defending... Paintjob and modelng of these diorams were.... shall I say about 3.5-4 on COMON


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